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Three Colors

by Sean Conrad

Blue 20:04
Orange 20:02
Green 20:02


The pieces that comprise “Three Colors” might not necessarily be considered “music.” These sounds are the results of a collision between several experiments happening in concurrence: tuning sound to color, Just Intonation, sonic architecture, and generative music. The idea was to create an indefinite sound-color program to play in a space to alter its mood, to augment its architecture. Each piece is a precise collection of specific frequencies tuned to evoke a particular color with subtle variations in hue and shade.
Initially these pieces were made just for my own enjoyment. I would listen to them while reading, making art, driving, cooking, etc. when I wanted to tint the space with something soothing and which would also require no additional attention (no lyrics and no melodies to get distracted by). And the production is nothing noteworthy: just pure sinewaves oscillations with no effects. After 5 years of sitting with this work, I thought that perhaps some other people might get some pleasure out of these color spaces.
In their original program environment, Max/MSP, the pieces are without a prescribed duration. They are here offered in 20-minute segments to be more easily tailored to a desired listening experience. One can listen to all three pieces in the album order, a random order, create a playlist of “Blue” repeating for 4 hours, etc. They are meant to be played with. Play them on the fringes of audibility. Play them so they rumble the floor. EQ them on your stereo until they sound pleasant in your space and suit your mood.

Blue: A 432Hz (2018)
Orange: D 576Hz (2021)
Green: F 341Hz (2016)


released June 16, 2021

Sound and art by Sean Conrad.
Thanks to Michael Henning for the encouragement and good vibes.


all rights reserved



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